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Lifetime Guarantee

At Michael & Son, we believe you should live worry free in your home. That's why we proudly back the majority of our plumbing repairs with our industry leading limited lifetime Guarantee.

Our no frills, gimmick free guarantee is covered by every repair done by a certified Michael & Son technician because we stand behind every job. Our limited lifetime guarantee is backed by over 38 years of experience and our reputation for quality work.

So relax and live worry free with Michael & Son!

Clogged Disposal Problems?

Get $50 Off Your Garbage Disposal Replacement

Is your garbage disposal clogged? At Michael & Son, we specialize in residential plumbing solutions, including garbage disposal repair and replacement. We have years of experience clearing kitchen clogs throughout Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach.

Michael & Son plumbers have experience repairing and replacing all types of garbage disposals, including:

Continuous-feed: Easily control power with a wall switch for maximum convenience

Batch-feed: Pulverize food scraps with a special stopper that controls disposal power

Septic-tank specific: Dual-purpose system keeps the septic system healthy

$50 Off Disposal Replacement

How to Prevent Clogs

We’ve seen countless customers clog their garbage disposals with food scraps that belong in the trash. A disposal is designed to grind food scraps into tiny pieces so they can be disposed through your sewer system. However, some foods clog disposals. To avoid Virginia Beach garbage disposal repair, toss the following foods in the trash:
 Grains That Expand in Water, 
  Such as Pasta or Bread
 Fruit Rinds, Pits or Peels
 Excess Baking Grease
 Potato Skin Shavings
 Egg Shells
 Coffee Grounds
 Corn Husks 

Disposal Replacement Norfolk, VA

Reliable Plumbers

The Michael & Son team is available for on-demand service, seven days a week. Whether you need a quick repair or Norfolk disposal replacement, we are equipped to complete the job efficiently and affordably.
  We proudly serve customers throughout Hampton Roads including the cities of Virginia Beach,
Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Williamsburg and Yorktown.